How do you become a software engineer?

From being a new programmer to landing my first job as an engineer, this question has always been on my mind. I’m Madison and this site is a platform where I interview software engineers about their story, how they became engineers and advice and tips they’ve learned along the way.

Chuck Grimmett, Praxis

An interview with Chuck Grimmett, the CTO of Praxis. We talk about Chuck’s path to becoming an engineer and his tips and advice to those interesting in coding.

Jessica Egoyibo Mong, Survey Monkey

An interview with Jessica Egoyibo Mong, a software engineer from SurveyMonkey. We talk about Jessica’s journey to becoming a software engineer and she shares some advice and tips.

Michael Wales, Udacity

An interview with Michael Wales, the director of content development for Udacity. We talk about Michael’s story of how he became an engineer and we talk about Udacity’s Nanodegrees.